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-Nikhil Roy

We participated in the VSLive Midnight madness event which started at 8:30 pm which was held in the keynote area of the conference which turned out to be an absolute blast. Billy Hollis [he has a post up here] was MC’ing it and he was great, they also had a live band playing. They were giving away several prizes starting from t-shirts to an iPod. We were also given a speaking spot at this event for about 20 minutes and there had to be a couple hundred people in the audience. Here are some pictures:


(While I was getting ready on stage. From right to left: Billy Hollis, Me, Kevin. Click Here for larger image)

(During the slideshow presentation. From right to left Billy Hollis, Me, Kevin, Jay Schmelzer [VB Team] . Click Here for larger image)

Here is a link to the entire photostream from flickr.

Wow! This was one amazing conference and it was awesome meeting all my peers in the .net community. It always amazes me how broad the .net developer community is and the breadth of applications that theseout of it guys are working on.  I had the pleasure of talking to several hundred of the attendees personally and through my Midnight Madness talk. All in all this was a great show – as an exhibitor and as an attendee I got a lot out of it.

Day 2 Midday keynote was great – it was a talk about how ms does engineering and dogfooding – and it was amazing to see some of the stats on # of test cases, how many hours it takes to create a clean build of visual studio and I got a few good takeaways that we can implement in our enviornment. We have a pretty extensive testing and build automation process ourselves.

I have some pictures and more info from the show that I will blog about later today.


Day 1 – VSLive kicked off with the .net focus day, which was an all day only .net. We got here on Sunday and setup our booth since we are exhibiting at this conference. I also setup the machine with all the demo's on it. There are about 1100+ attendees here and it sure is going to be a busy conference. We handed out about 300 cd's today and I expect we should be handing out atleast another 500 more…….thats exciting!

I did get a chance to sit through the keynote which was pretty interesting it was given by Sam Guckenheimer from Microsoft and he was talking about Visual Studio Next (Orcas) and had some pretty interesing things to talk about. The other session that I was able to sit in was LINQ which I was very excited to go to but rather dissapointed in the conetent of the presentation which was given by Jason McConnell from Microsoft. To his credit he is from marketing and probably should not have been speaking to a developer heavy audience.

Mad Dash to VSLive!

May 11, 2006

VSLive! OrlandoI have been wanting to blog all week but I have been swamped in VSLive preperations. I leave for VSLive this Sunday and I am going to be giving a brief talk at Orlando .Net User group meeting. The excitement is building and last minute preparations for VSLive are on the way! I am going to be making sure all the demo’s are loaded onto the laptop we are taking and look forward to showing off the product while we are there! All I can say is that coordinating the logistics of exhibiting at an event like this is c r a z y!