I spent a good amount of time last night trying to figure out why my IIS7 (Windows Vista) would not serve a few new images that I had just added to my images folder. As soon as an image was requested it would throw up a login box (Windows authentication was enabled), which led me to believe it was an issue with the ACL. So i go and reset the ACL – but no luck! Finally figure out that the images had the property “encrypt contents to secure data” turned on – thats what was killing me. Here is a another post that I ran into that might be of help.

IIS 403 Error Cause


I encountered a few issues when starting to develop on Windows Vista. I had my whole enviornment setup and I decided to write a quick little asp.net app and test it out….Once I hit F5 in studio – I got a msgbox:

Unable to cast object of type ‘System.Web.HttpDebugHandler’ to type ‘System.Web.HttpApplication’.



Unable to start debugging on the web server.  

[InvalidCastException]: Unable to cast object of type ‘System.Web.HttpDebugHandler’ to type ‘System.Web.HttpApplication’.   at System.Web.Hosting.PipelineRuntime.ExecuteStateHandler(IntPtr& managedRequestContext, IntPtr nativeRequestContext, IntPtr moduleData, Int32 flags)

So I figured it was probably something to do with the new Integrated mode in IIS and VS2005 has no clue about it. So I moved the app to a new Application Pool in IIS7 that runs in ISAPI mode and now everything works!

Disclaimer: I am a little emotional right now. Bottom Line: we did win an award [not 1st place] and I will post details/pictures about it soon.  For years I have believed that the best technology should always win. When I was in college i worked with the JDK 1.1 (Java Development Kit) and I loved it. I had worked with VB 3 and 4 before that and I thought that Java was going to rule. I couldnt have been more wrong. I wrote my “real”
business application in Java and realized the performace as a fat client was a far from real world! It simply didnt respond. I talked to some engineers at sun that I knew during college and told them give me a native interface to windows (something like ngen.exe)….they didnt listen. I knew the write once run anywhere …was worth nothing to me….95% of the world runs windows..so the run anywhere was meaningless, all i wanted
was run on windows! That was 7 years ago….today I realized that as good as the .net platform is and robust our technology all that didnt matter…all that the judges cared about were if we were JAVA!! I was handed a paper today with the recommendations from the judges at the Global Integration Summit and it said the following:

Too much dependency on Microsoft and no support for open source.

The last time I checked web services and SOA were platform independent! (this was an SOA
challenge) in which we smoked out competitors! But hold on a second aren’t the other vendors too dependent on Java/Sun!! I am not anti-java or sun, I admire the innovations that come from that side, but I dont understand why the other side is not able to do the same! Well enough of that….I guess people will be people and their bias will always get in the way! We did win an award at the Global Integration Summit….I am happy about that and I will post
some pictures when Gretchen gets them to me. The real question is how many of the vendors (of the showcase participants) have the kahunas to make their software available to the public to download and evaluate for themselves? The answer….

Stone Bond , AboveAll and BEA!
[see previous post on participants]

– Nikhil Roy

Update: It was ponted out correctly that AboveAll also offers downloads on theier website, I added them to the list.

 By the time we got done yestarday it was pretty late so did not get a chance to blog. But here's the update on yestardays events:

The presentations

I think my presentation went pretty well and it was well received. I did have a lot of attendees come up to me after the presentation and that was a good sign. Well I sure apreciate the positive feedback I have been getting. Now onto what the other presentations looked like…..Not one…not even one of the other vendors was willing to give any specific details on the actual implementation! I did expect that from the bigger vendors like webMethods, Software AG and BEA. I did think that the smaller vendors would talk more details as opposed to marketing mumbo-jumbo. Let's look at what the integration constrotium had said what the presentations should include:

On Tuesday May 23, from 3:30 to 5:00 PM, the Integration Solution Showcase participants will have the opportunity to present an introduction to their solution.

Thats right – "solution", but all I saw was more and more marketing. I think that helped us and people saw that we were to the point and being direct. At onepoint in my presentation I did call out the Accenture/GIS folks for making the problem overly simple and some of the attendees apreciated that.

Bottom Line – the presentation went great and I was able to the crowd laughing a little at the end.

More on the poster session later…

– Nikhil Roy