IE 7 LogoThe IE teamat MS is reporting that IE 7 for Win XP is now available for download! I have been using it since beta 1 and I have seen the improvements over other preview releases that followed and I definitely think its a *must* download for current IE users and worth a look for current FireFox users. I really hope that the development support has gotten better and people will build extensions like FireBug and many more. All I can say is it is currently “impossible” to develop Ajax application without firefox and I hope IE7 changes that a little bit.

Gotta give it to Google…

October 18, 2006

No – this isn’t a post about gooTube (Google + youTube) , it’s about the new solar panel installation that Google is about to put up on their Mountain View campus. According to the San Jose Mercury News they are going to cover their rooftops with 9200solar panels which should generate 1.6 megawatts! That is enough to SELF power 30% of the Mountain View campus or 1,000 average California homes!

Google’s installation will be the largest in the valley toppling over current front runner Microsoft. Check out the PressPass release here.

Big up to all these companies that are moving forward with self-power initiatives.