JetBlue Comes to Houston!

July 26, 2006

During the dot com boom I used to fly to Florida a lot from NYC, thats when I discovered jet Blue. Hands down it has to be the *best* airline in the country. I moved to Houston about 3 years ago and one of the things I hated was I had to fly these other airlines everytime I went back to New York. Well no more….starting September 7th jetBlue is going to start servicing Houston’s Hobby airport! Jet Blue brings low cost flying with a fresh attitude and great staff to top it off.

5 reasons to fly jetBlue:

  1. Live DirecTV in every seat with 36 channels (yup watch the news Live in the air)
  2. 5 paid movie channels (for long flights) and XM Radio – 100 channels
  3. Great snacks and to top that Dunkin’ Donuts® coffee! (don’t get to see too much of that here in Houston)
  4. Great airplanes – youngest fleet with mostly all new Airbus A320‘s
  5. Everyone is a first class citizen – No first class cabin!

4 Responses to “JetBlue Comes to Houston!”

  1. Erika Silva Says:

    Well, I know what airline I’ll be using in the near future. I’ll definitely have to try this one out!!!


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