Boston – Global Integration Summit Update On The Presentations

May 24, 2006

 By the time we got done yestarday it was pretty late so did not get a chance to blog. But here's the update on yestardays events:

The presentations

I think my presentation went pretty well and it was well received. I did have a lot of attendees come up to me after the presentation and that was a good sign. Well I sure apreciate the positive feedback I have been getting. Now onto what the other presentations looked like…..Not one…not even one of the other vendors was willing to give any specific details on the actual implementation! I did expect that from the bigger vendors like webMethods, Software AG and BEA. I did think that the smaller vendors would talk more details as opposed to marketing mumbo-jumbo. Let's look at what the integration constrotium had said what the presentations should include:

On Tuesday May 23, from 3:30 to 5:00 PM, the Integration Solution Showcase participants will have the opportunity to present an introduction to their solution.

Thats right – "solution", but all I saw was more and more marketing. I think that helped us and people saw that we were to the point and being direct. At onepoint in my presentation I did call out the Accenture/GIS folks for making the problem overly simple and some of the attendees apreciated that.

Bottom Line – the presentation went great and I was able to the crowd laughing a little at the end.

More on the poster session later…

– Nikhil Roy


One Response to “Boston – Global Integration Summit Update On The Presentations”

  1. David Says:

    Great news. I am glad things went as good as they did. It is only the beginning. We have the best data integration tool on the market today. Thanks for the information and I am looking forward to reading the Purple Cow.

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