Boston – Quick Update..

May 23, 2006

We are about 45 mins away from going on stage to give the presentation for the Global Integration Summit (see earlier posts for more info). I am told I will be given about 8 mins only to get all the key points out…now thats tough considering all the key features Enterprise Enabler has! I did do a dry run and I should be ok for the 8 min cut-off.

Later this evening we are going to setup a kiosk with posters and additional info where all the attendees and judges will come visit with the individual vendors (expo hall style). I will try to take some pictures and post them here tomorrow.

That's all for now…will blog later on how the sessions went today.

-Nikhil Roy


5 Responses to “Boston – Quick Update..”

  1. Wiederman Says:


  2. Chilly Says:

    I don’t know when you posted this last update – but good luck with the presentation.

    Sounds like everything is going really well – we are all eagerly awaiting the results!

  3. nikhilroy Says:

    Chilly & Wiederman- thanks for all the support.

  4. vissu Says:

    wonderful job,thanks for all effort

  5. sunny Says:

    i went through your website ,it is very nice and useful,waiting for your pictures,thanks for your website,
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