Skype – the big push to crush the big boys and eBay’s first assault on Google!

May 16, 2006

SkpeSkype is beginning a huge promotion – All calls to any land-line phone within US and Canada are going to be FREE!! That's huge….I have been using skype for a long time since maybe their first beta and watched it evolve. The implications are obvious to the traditional phone companies but this also threatens the Phone 2.0 companies operating on VOIP like Vonage. Just a few things though before we get too excited:

  1. This is a limited time promotion until the end of the year (I expect that they will extend)
  2. It does cost about 30 euros per year to get a local US number to accept incoming calls on Skype called SkypeIn

But other than that this is going to really disrupt the market and should be really interesting to see how the traditional and VOIP phone companies react.

Skype which is now owned by eBay, is being used as a weapon in the soon to be all out war between eBay and Google. Google is comming out with base (a marketplace sort of site) and they are going to be working on a PayPal (eBay company) competitor look at this WSJ article. Google came out with google talk a while back and this seems like a clear offensive move from eBay to go after google talk (which does not offer computer to traditional phone calling).



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