Global Integration Summit 2006 – Showcase Showdown!

May 13, 2006

 The Global Integration Summit is being held in Boston this year and we are going to be there. We are taking part The Global Integration Summit is being held in Boston this year and we are going to be there. We are taking part in the “Integration Solution Showcase” which is going to involve multiple integration vendors going head to head trying to solve a SOA related problem, here is how the website describes it:

…is real life, real time, live solution development environment. The Showcase provides vendors in the integration industry an opportunity to create and profile an operational business integration solution under real world circumstances. The Showcase will be based on a complex integration business problem developed by the IC Board of Directors and an IC Member Host(s).

The problem that is going to be assigned [in a nutshell] will involve choreographing several web services to process mortgage applications and passing each one through several business rules. Here is the breakdown on the showcase:

  • Monday morning the problem is assigned to all the vendors
  • Monday evening a change is introduced to the business process
  • The solution must be completed and uploaded by Tuesday afternoon
  • Tuesday afternoon presentations held by each vendor to the judging panel
  • Tuesday evening poster session opens for all atendees to visit with the vendors and evaluate their solution

I like the fact that both the judges and atendees will be voting on the best solution! This should be really exciting and a great way for a small ISV like ours to show off our product capabilities against the big guys. Lets see what happens….. -Nikhil


One Response to “Global Integration Summit 2006 – Showcase Showdown!”

  1. […] We’re hitting the road today to head to Boston (we’re really flying!) and participate in the Global Integration Summit 2006. We will be participating in the Integration Showcase there which is going to be kind of like a face-off between multiple integration vendors!! Several of the big boys are showing up and I am super excited about participating. I think this is a great opportunity for Stone Bond to show off some of the features of Enterprise Enabler Server and have the attendees/judges compare it side by side with the other vendors and their capabilities, I blogged about the showcase procedures here. Some of the participants include: webMethods , BEA , Software AG, iWay and many more (see below). […]

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