Hunting for a good tablet pc

May 5, 2006

I have always hesitated to buy a laptop. I bought one during the web 1.0 boom since I was traveling a lot and then I stopped traveling and I realized how useless a laptop is on a desk. Small screen, small keyboard, no “real” upgrade-ability, flimsy….etc. But lately my needs have changed and I have been thinking as opposed to buying just a notebook maybe a tablet pc/notebook combo is the way to go. Here is what I need: performance, good usability, security with biometric sensor and good battery life. After looking around here are the contenders:

1. The Lenovo X41 Tablet

2. The Gateway CX200X

3. The Toshiba Protege M400

Right off the bat the Toshiba is looking really good as far as specs, the only one with pentium dual core. But I have heard really good things about Thinkpads, not to say that they also make a good tablet pc. Now all I have to do is go out and get some real reviews!

– Nikhil


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