Link to article... The other noteworthy thing that happened last month was the SD Times article got published. Pamela Szabo (my boss) and I sat down with Eddie Correia and had a chat on What Enterprise Enabler is all about and where it sits in the integration space. During our conversation we also talked about how we stack up against BizTalk Server 2004 and he focuses on that as well within the artilce. Here’s an excerpt:

Claiming to offer a faster and more capable alternative to Microsoft’s BizTalk server, Stone Bond Technologies on Feb. 14 is scheduled to release Enterprise Enabler Server 2006, an update to its integration server for .NET that the Houston-based workflow solutions developer says now supports C# code and the .NET 2.0 framework, and is less complicated to install and use than its Redmond counterpart. Continue to read more here… (you do need an sdtimes user id)


  SQL Server Magazine featured Enterprise Enabler Server 2006 in the Vendor Briefs section of the March issue. I had sat down with Dawn and her editorial team and given them a product walkthough and here’s what they wrote:

“This product is all about moving and working with data,” says Nikhil Roy, vice president of product development for Stone Bond Technologies ( Roy talked to us during the beta-testing phase of Stone Bond Enterprise Enabler Server 2006, the latest release of the company’s integration suite of products.The products work together to let you remove barriers between data, applications, the development environment, and users by combining Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Extraction,Transformation, and Loading (ETL) in one environment.The latest release of the suite includes a sophisticated process designer for modeling business and data workflows, a visual data mapper for complex mixed relational and hierarchical input and output, and a process monitor that provides real-time tracking of server activity, including processes and transformations.The combined products let you build and maintain one or thousands of processes and data interfaces while detecting and managing change throughout your environment. Based on the .NET Framework 2.0, Enterprise Enabler Server 2006 is compatible with SQL Server 2005 and earlier releases.
—Dawn Cyr

If you subscribe to the magazine you can read about it in the march issue. Here is a link to the article on their website: Vendor Briefs – March 2006

The New Tech Spy has a post up about a supposedly new Boeing 797 with a radically new shape that would be able to accommodate 1000 passengers!!! I think it is safe to say that this is for humour only ….but nonetheless funny.

Catch up..

April 14, 2006

Since I only started this blog a few days ago I am thinking the next few posts will be more catching up on recent activity in the past month or so. Considering we just SHIPPED Enterprise Enabler Server 2006 there has been a lot to talk about. I am also thinking that I start a blog post series "Feature Of the Week".

We are expecting the first shipment for the enterprise enabler cd's to arrive today!! I am excited to get my hands on one and see how they came out. The final artwork/messaging was approved for the CD release about 3 weeks ago (when the product RTM'd) and i have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the cd's. We do provide a "downloadable" version that you can sign up for and get from our website.

I am pretty excited about speaking at the .net user group, I am almost done with my presentation and demo. Stone Bond is sponsoring the event so we get about 10-15 mins. to speak. Looks like the main topic for the night is going to be around (PostBackEventHandler), I am looking forward to it. We are going to have a table set up over there with all the Stone Bond literature and the Enterprise Enabler trial CDs. Here is a link to the online trial sign up. So I am looking forward to meeting some fellow .net devs and talking about what our product has to offer.

 FYI – The .net user group meeting in Houston is held at the Microsoft regional office, here is the address:

Microsoft Houston Meeting Facility
2000 West Sam Houston Pkwy South, Suite # 350
Houston, TX 77042

Hello Blogosphere!

April 12, 2006

Hello blogosphere!

I thought that I should start out my blog with the obligatory "Hello World" post since that is what us geeks have been taught all through our coding life! I still remember when I picked up my first book on VB3 that was the very first application that I wrote!